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About the GFACTC

In 2012, local school boards from eight North Dakota public school districts, in response to student interests and workforce needs of the region, proposed the establishment of the Grand Forks Area Career and Technology Center (GFACTC). The GFACTC provides a sequence of Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs through a variety of delivery methods of instruction and has expanded and enhanced the CTE curriculum for all participating school districts. The member schools of the GFACTC are as follows: Central Valley, Grand Forks, Hatton, Hillsboro, Larimore, MayPort-CG, Northwood, and Thompson.

The GFACTC is based on the virtual concept in that no central physical structure was constructed. Instead, course curriculum is being delivered through a hybrid approach of online or interactive television while completing hands-on laboratory activities within existing classrooms and local facilities. Teachers who are already working in these districts have been providing the instruction for the courses. Outside instructors and resources have been utilized when local instructors were not available.

The purpose of the GFACTC is to match educational opportunities and training with workforce needs. The development of the area center has expanded the CTE opportunities available to students by bringing the resources of multiple districts together to effectively and efficiently to offer programs that could not be supported by an individual school district.
The area center proposal was submitted for review by the North Dakota Department of Career and Technical Education and for approved by the State Board of Career and Technical Education. Proposal requirements were achieved through cooperative local decisions and proposed area center courses align with post-secondary programs and regional employment opportunities.

The GFACTC is governed by the Grand Forks school board and an advisory committee exists comprised of each member school’s Superintendent.