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The Grand Forks Area Career and Technology Center will be a component of the Grand Forks Public Schools Career and Technical Education Department which is governed by the Grand Forks Public Schools. The Grand Forks Public School Board will serve as the Area Center Board and will inherit the center board’s powers and duties including:

  • To supervise, manage, and control the area center
  • To provide career and technical education programs approved by the state
  • To contract with, employ, and pay personnel to administer and teach in the area center
  • To lease, acquire, or purchase area center equipment
  • To lease, acquire, purchase, or sell area center facilities, including real property
  • To receive and administer any private, local, state, or federal funds
  • To enter into contracts consistent with the other powers and duties provided
  • To accept real or personal property available for distribution, including federal grants

– NDCC 15-20.2-07

The Grand Forks Area Career and Technology Center Advisory Council will be composed of at least one representative from each of the eight member school districts. This representative may be a local district school board member, superintendent, or administrator. The Advisory Councils’ role will be to work closely with the area center Director and Grand Forks Public School Board in the planning, implementing, and delivery of the area center’s courses and services so that equal opportunities are provided to all area center students in a fiscally sound and equitable manner.

The Career and Technical Education Director of the Grand Forks Area Career and Technology Center will oversee the daily operations of the center, including identification of area center instructors and support staff, establishment of course schedules, monitoring of curriculum, overseeing equipment purchases, and communicating with the center board and member schools. The center director will meet the State Department of Career and Technical Education credentialing requirements.

The precedence for this governance model is the Missouri River Career and Technology Center located in Bismarck. Additional examples of this governance model are present within Jamestown Public School’s James Valley Career and Technology Center and Devils Lake Public School’s Lake Area Career and Technology Center.

This governance model proposed has been unanimously approved by the individual member schools and is in compliance with the procedures set forth in North Dakota Century Code 15-20.2-02.

“Nothing in this chapter may be interpreted to prohibit school districts from entering into other kinds of administrative structures for career and technology centers approved by the state board pursuant to other provisions of law.” – NDCC 15-20.2-02